The Wrestling Collar Tie

Have you every been controlled by a wrestler with a hostile collar tie? Today’s article will discuss how to Resist a Challenger with an aggressive collar tie.

Typical Mistakes with a Collar Tie

12838003112011052123Ear-To-Ear– I see wrestling from young people to high school constantly and one of my biggest pet peeves is to see two wrestlers get ear-to-ear in a collar tie. Both wrestlers are in a bad position. I firmly think that wrestlers do this because they have developed bad behaviors and also trainers haven’t been dealing with it. I used to know a roofing contractor in Cypress, Texas that would get in this position several times in each match.

Collar Tie is not Tight– Just what do I mean by this? This means when a wrestler aims to utilize a collar tie his arm is straight and he is not obstructing an attack from his opponent.

Wrestlers use Collar Tie as Stall action– The majority of wrestlers who make use of a collar tie in wrestling do so because they do not know just what else to do. I would certainly suggest to instructors that you instruct your kids to tie up with somebody with a purpose in mind. The wrestler who ties up with this opponent ought to be 2 or 3 actions he likes to do from a collar tie.

Suppose Your Challenger has an Aggressive Collar Tie

Since we covered some typical blunders to prevent, let take a look at just what to do if you have an opponent with heavy hands. A wrestler with heavy hands will certainly make use of a collar tie in a means to aim to intimidate you as well as keep you from position.

Stay in Good Location– The very first thing to bear in mind are to stay clear of the typical mistakes from above. This indicates when an opponent places you in a collar tie, you have to make certain you are temple to temple. At the exact same time use your elbow joint to obstruct any strikes.

Get to the inside position– In a tie position, the wrestler that has inside placement is in the best placement to attack. To defend a hostile collar tie, take the arm that is on the very same side that your opponent grabbed your head and relocate your arm to the inside location.

Follow these tips to help you get out of your next collar tie or use the position to your advantage.