Setting Goals for Young Wrestlers

wrestlingI believe a development and growth strategy begins when a kid is young. You need to have season strategies in addition to strategies 5 years in to the future. For instance, my boy began wrestling when he was 5.

My objective for him at 5 was to get much better and have a love of the sport of wrestling. At 6, the goal was to see him win a state championship … he took second. Also at 5, I had a long term development strategy. At 13 years old, that development strategy is still advancing. Currently my kid is working towards a goal of being among the leading wrestling programs in the country as a freshman … we’ll see.

Talk to your youngster and have sensible short term objectives– Speak with your child and see where he/she is at. Deal with your youngster to create practical as well as achievable objectives for that wrestling season.

There is no reason to push your youngster to be a state champion, if they are not efficient in that goal. Perhaps a realistic goal for your child will be don’t get pinned in a nationwide tournament OR do not get turned on your back OR maybe the goal is simply to stay state. These wrestling goals may be too unclear.

If you wanted to get even more specific, you can establish a goal that your child master 3 take-downs from his feet and a stand up that can not be stopped. The crucial point is to put in the time to create objectives that your kid can accomplish.

Look Ahead and Set Goals for 2 to 5 Years– Similar to anything in life, if you do not establish long-term objectives in wresting, you can not anticipate much growth. These are objectives that your child is not able to do in the present period.

For instance, the majority of kids that get on the lower side of their department, will probably NOT have a great wrestling season due to the fact that they are younger. When my kid was 9 and was battling 10 and under, he didn’t win a great deal of wrestling matches.

That season our short term goal was to focus on improving technique from his feet and from base. His 2 year wrestling goal was to be a trinity honor winner and to be a state champion in the 10 and under department. His 5 year goal at nine, was to make the university junior high school team as an 8th grader.

Reevaluate your Objectives Every Wrestling Season– Every wrestling season is different. Your son may actually have surpassed his original objectives or he might still be working towards his objectives that were set a number of years earlier. Take the time to make sure your objectives are still achievable and your child is still growing in the sport.

Write Your Child’s Wrestling Goals Down– an objective is merely a dream till it is documented and you have actually put it to paper. After you list your goals, place it up for your son to look at everyday. By doing this your youngster knows just what to work for.

Establish an Action Strategy– Since you have developed a growth plan for your wrestler, you have to determine how you are going to help his wrestling goals. Once again, this will certainly depend on exactly what your goals are.

Work Hard to Reach Your Goals in Wrestling –Here is where the enjoyable part comes in. Be persistent in your work ethic and constantly maintain those objectives in mind. After the wrestling season is over, take a seat and see how you did.